Shua‑Tshwa affixes in G|ui‑Gǁana


Affix function number of borrowed affixes


Information is from Güldemann (2004: 262) (see also Vossen 1997), the example is from Vossen (1997).


1 subject marker

‑be ‘first person dual’, e.g. hí.tsèbè ‘first person dual masculine pronoun’. This is a case of borrowing between closely related languages. The identification of this form as borrowed is based on the fact that the regular reflex would have been ‑m, while in Shua‑Tshwa’s subbranch, all languages have ‑b. G|ui‑Gǁana is the only language of its subbranch that has ‑b. Shua‑Tshwa is sociolinguistically dominant with respect to G|ui‑Gǁana speakers.