Warembori affixes in Kwerba Kasonaweja


Affix function number of borrowed affixes


Information from Marc Donohue (personal communication, 2012). Although no examples of hybrid formations are given, it can be assumed that borrowed prefixes combine with native stems.


3 subject prefixes

e‑ ‘first person’

o‑ ‘second person’

i‑ ‘third person’


These are used in Kwerba Kasonaweja, which is in contact with Warembori, and has low prestige with respect to it. They are used in addition to native subject suffixes. Related Kwerba languages Kwerba Aurimi, Kwerba Isirawa, Kwerba Samorokana have no subject prefixes. South Halmahjera languages related to Warembori have these prefixes. Marc Donohue is not aware of other borrowed morphology. The origin of South Halmahjera subject prefixes itself is complex, probably reanalyzed genitive suffixes (auxiliary‑genitive verb ‑> Ø genitive‑verb). The three borrowed subject prefixes are the only monosyllabic (single vowel) pronoun prefixes in the source languages.