Spanish affixes in Sierra Popoluca


Affix function number of borrowed affixes


­Information and examples are from Gutiérrez‑Morales (2005; 2008). Note that the form of this affix is probably influenced by Nahuatl, where it appears as ‑teero in the complex loanword kuenteero (from Spanish cohetero) ‘fireworks specialist’, and where it is reinforced by similar Nahuatl form (Gutiérrez‑Morales 2008; Gutiérrez‑Morales 2005).


1 agent noun derivation

‑teero ‘agent noun’, e.g. kööp‑teeroj (firewood‑agent) ‘wood cutter’, nöts‑teeroj‑am (armadillo‑agent‑already) ‘armadillo hunter’, aa‑teeroj (canoe‑agent) ‘rower, paddler’, tö’öp‑teeroj (fish‑agent) ‘fisherman’, nö’‑teeroj (water‑agent) ‘water carrier’, muut‑teeroj (well‑agent) ‘well driller’, yooxa‑teeroj (work‑agent) ‘hard worker’