Russian affixes in Lithuanian Romani


Affix function number of borrowed affixes


Information and examples are from Tenser (2005: 13, 34–35).


1 superlative prefix

naj‑ ‘superlative’, e.g. nai‑bar‑edvr (superlative‑big‑comparative) ‘the biggest’


5 aktionsart prefixes

po‑ ‘aktionsart’, e.g. po‑mang‑ ‘to ask’

pod‑ ‘aktionsart’, e.g. pod‑gij‑ ‘to approach’

ros‑ ‘aktionsart’, e.g. ros‑pxen‑ ‘to tell’

vy‑ ‘aktionsart’, e.g. vy‑pi‑ ‘to drink’

za‑ ‘aktionsart’, e.g. za‑pres‑ ‘to pay’