intermediate Proto‑Carib affixes in Wayampi‑Emerillon‑Zo’é


Affix function number of borrowed affixes


Information and examples are from Rose (2012). Detailed reconstruction allows determining that the plural marker was borrowed from an intermediate Proto‑Carib language into Proto Wayampi‑Emerillon‑Zo’é. The marker is a suffix in two of the daughter languages (Wayampi‑Emerillon) and a free form in one of the daughter languages (Zo’é).


1 plural suffix

‑kom (Emerillon), ‑kõ (Wayampi) ‘plural’, e.g. wãĩwĩ‑kom (women‑pl) ‘women’ (Emerillon), e‑mɛmɨ‑k (1sg‑child‑pl) ‘my children’ (Wayampi)