Sadri affixes in Kharia


Affix function number of borrowed affixes


Information and examples are from Peterson (2011: 324) and John Peterson (personal communication, March 2012).


2 so-called “sequential converbs”/”conjunctive participles” (out of a paradigm of 3 forms in Kharia)

=ke, e.g. kaʔ kom=ki ɖhoʔ=ke (bow/arrow=pl grab=sequential) ‘having taken their bows and arrows, ...’

=ker (no examples available)


Note that Abbi (1995: 183; 1997: 139–142; 2001: 47,53) mentions a number of other borrowed affixes in Kharia, but according to John Peterson (personal communication, March 2012), it is not certain whether any of these can be used with native stems.