Tamil affixes in Sri Lanka Portuguese


Affix function number of borrowed affixes


Information and examples from Nordhoff (2013), Smith (2013) and personal communications from Sebastian Nordhoff and Ian Smith, 2012.


1 polite imperative marker

‑nga ‘imperative’, e.g. vii ‘come! (fam.)’ vs. viinga ‘come! (polite)’, kummenga ‘eat! (polite)’


1 conjunctive participle marker

=tu ‘participle’, e.g. aka noos aka uusha kampani‑pa daa=tu, aka jaa‑faya dreetu (that/1pl/that/Usha/company‑dative/give=perfective.participle/that/past‑make/right) ‘we gave that to the Usha company and repaired it’