Spanish affixes in Central Mexicano Nahuatl


Affix function number of borrowed affixes


Information and examples are from Hill & Hill (1986: 194, 197).


2 diminutive/augmentative markers

-ita ‘diminutive’, e.g. nān-ita (mother-diminutive) ‘mother dear’ (only one hybrid attested)

-ote ‘augmentative’, e.g. huēy-ote (big-augmentative) ‘enormous’ (only one hybrid attested)


1 agent noun derivation

-tero ‘agent noun’, e.g. cuah-tero (wood-agent) ‘wood cutter’, tlahchiqu-ero (collect_maguey-agent) ‘one who collects maguey’. The suffix “does appear on Mexicano roots as well as on Spanish roots” (Hill and Hill 1986: 197)