Croatian affixes in Hungarian


Affix function number of borrowed affixes


This case refers to the dialects of Ormányság and Hosszúszó. Information and examples are from Fuchs (1949: 225–226). Examples are from the dialect of Ormányság, but the borrowed prefix is also attested in the dialect of Hosszúszó. The borrowed prefix is added to forms that include native Hungarian comparative suffixes. Fuchs (1949: 226) notes that the same Croatian prefix is used by German speaking children in Upper Hungary in combination with native German superlative forms, e.g. naj-grösste (superlative-biggest) ‘biggest’, najbeste (superlative-best) ‘best’.


1 superlative prefix

naj- ‘superlative’, e.g. náj-nagy-obb (superlative-big-comparative) ‘biggest’, náj-zë-bb (superlative-nice-comparative) ‘most beautiful’