Quechua affixes in Amuesha


Affix function number of borrowed affixes


Information and examples are from Adelaar (2006), who takes examples from Duff-Tripp (1997).


2 tense-aspect mood clitics

-(V:)kma ‘distributive’, used with demonstratives, possessive pronouns and adverbial expressions, e.g. na:-nm-a:kma (1sg-first-distributive) ‘Always me first’, no:-kma (1sg.possessor-distributive) ‘(Several) of mine, all mine’, a:ly-ohty-e:kma (there-ablative-distributive) ‘Always from there’

-nya ‘emphatic’ (sentential clitic), e.g. aly-empo-nya-paʔ a:w-oʔ ot-a:n-eht-nya kornehšaʔ (there-time-sequentiail-topic/auxiliary-reported/say-3pl.object-3pl.agent-sequentiail/chief) ‘Then the chief said to them’


1 case suffix (out of a total of 4 Amuesha case suffixes)

-(V:)kop ‘benefactive case’, e.g. a:č-e:kop (mother-benefactive) ‘for mother’, no-:kop-pa’ (1sg.possessor-benefactive-topic) ‘as for me, ...’