Greek affixes in Kalderash Romani


Affix function number of borrowed affixes


Information and examples are from Boretzky (1994) and Boretzky and Igla (1991). Kalderash Romani has also borrowed affixes from Romanian and from various Slavic languages.


2 nominalizers (originally singular‑plural)

‑imos ‘nominalizer’, e.g. barvalimos ‘richness’

‑imata ‘nominalizer’, e.g. marimata ‘brawl’ (Boretzky and Igla 1991: 16)


3 non-interrelated suffixes

‑to ‘ordinal number formation’, e.g. štár‑to ‘the fourth’ (Boretzky 1994: 93)

‑icko, ‑icka ‘adjectivizer for languages and places’, e.g. lovaricka ‘in Lovari’, sogodicko ‘in [various] languages’ (Boretzky and Igla 1991: 12)

‑icî ‘diminutive’, e.g. kotoricí ‘little piece’ (Boretzky and Igla 1991: 12)