Moroccan Berber affixes in Moroccan Arabic


Affix function number of borrowed affixes


Information and examples are from Zellou (2011).


1 derivational circumfix/pattern

ta‑...‑t ‘abstract noun’, e.g. takotbiyət ‘profession/art of bookseller’ (from kotbi ‘bookseller’), takəddabət ‘habitual liar’ (from kəddab ‘liar’), tabənnayət ‘profession of masonry’ (from bənnay ‘mason’)


Zellou (2011) argues that “The pattern that can be inferred for the MA circumfix is one where MA lexical items are diffused into Berber, the most common language contact scenario, then these stems are inflected to match the inflectional patterns of Berber, including noun state /a‑/ and feminine gender /t‑...‑t/. Finally, these nouns with Berber inflectional morphology are incorporated back into MA with the inflectional morphology components reanalyzed as a single derivational morpheme.”